Q: Will Blue Sky pack my belongings?

A: We only provide the supplies needed to pack your belongings yourself or by a moving company. 


Q: What areas does Blue Sky Box service?

A: We provide service from Anthem and Cave Creek on the north to Maricopa, Casa Grande, Coolidge, and Florence on the south. From Queen Valley on the east to Goodyear, Litchfield Park, and Surprise on the west. Outside of these areas? Contact us anyway!


Q: Is there a delivery and pick up fee?

A: We provide one free delivery and pick up. If you need to order a few extra boxes during your rental, there will be a $25.00 delivery fee.


Q: What is the size of the boxes?

A: The outside measurements are 27.3” Long x 17.2” Wide x 12.6” High. Inside measurements are 25.2” Long x 15.5” Wide x 11” High. They weigh 7.7 lbs each and can hold 2.5 cu. ft. 


Q: How will Blue Sky Box confirm my order

A: You’ll get an email receipt but we will call to confirm your delivery date and time. You’ll get a reminder contact via email a few days out along with texts and/or a call the day of delivery to make sure you’re available.


Q: Can I keep the boxes longer if I needed to?

A: In most cases, yes, you’ll just pay for another week. Only if the boxes have already been reserved by another customer will they not be able to be extended.


Q: What happens if I am in the middle of packing and need more boxes?

A: We’ve been there, realizing that you have way more stuff than you thought! Contact us, we should have some boxes available that we can drop off within a day, during regular business hours. Additional boxes are $5.00 each per week and there will also be a $25.00 delivery fee.


Q: Do I need to be home to receive the boxes?

A: An adult will need to be present during delivery and pick up to verify delivery and sign off.


Q: Why don’t I use some free cardboard boxes?

A: Blue Sky Moving Boxes is an organized way of packing and it keeps moving simple. They are easy to stack and do not require packing tape. You can stack up to 4 boxes on top of each other. After you’re done moving we pick up the boxes and you do not have to deal with a mess. Our boxes are eco-friendly and unlike boxes they do not take years to decompose in landfills. We clean and sanitize our boxes so you know there won’t be any issues like chemical spills, food or drink spills, or bed bugs hiding in used cardboard. Plus, do you really want to spend your valuable time hunting for enough boxes? Begging stores, searching Craigslist, dealing with people not responding to your messages?


Q: Is this cost effective?

A: Compare the pricing of our packages to the cost to purchase boxes, tape, dollies, and other packing materials. Plus you’ll be saving time having our supplies delivered to you, time saved on not building or breaking down boxes, and the time and effort saved by picking up when you’re done without figuring out how to get rid of tons of cardboard filling your trash cans. 

And if you have the moving company pack for you, you’ll be saving on hourly labor too. They won’t need to spend time making boxes and since our boxes are all one size, there won’t be a need for them to play Tetris trying to figure out how to load up the truck.


Q: How do I pay for my Blue Sky Boxes and supplies?

A: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Credit or Debit cards. Your card will be kept on file in case you need to extend your rental, order more boxes, or if there’s any loss or damage.


Q: How quickly can I have Blue Sky Boxes delivered to my home?

A: You pick the day you want them delivered and we’ll contact you to confirm availability. We can do next day delivery in most cases, during regular business hours. If you’re in a bind and need them the same day then please call us first to see what we can do for you.


Q: When will Blue Sky Boxes be delivered?

A: We schedule deliveries during our normal business hours. Need them delivered after hours? Contact us for a quote.


Q: Am I responsible for lost or damaged Blue Sky Boxes?

A: Yes. While these boxes can take a licking, they aren’t Superman. Lost or damaged boxes have a replacement fee of $30 per box. The dolly has a replacement fee of $125 per dolly.


Q: Can I write directly on Blue Sky Boxes?

A: Please don’t. We provide cards to write the contents and room location that can go in a holder on the outside of our boxes.


Q: Can you guarantee our items will be protected?

A: While there is no guarantee, our boxes are way stronger than cardboard boxes. Using our boxes instead of cardboard boxes will lower the chances of items being damaged provided they are packed correctly.


Q: Are the Blue Sky Boxes cleaned between uses?

A: Yes boxes are sanitized and cleaned with non-toxic disinfectant between uses.


Q: Can I return the boxes early? Will I get a refund?

A: We can definitely get them out of your way if they’re all ready to go in one shot. Since the kit was reserved for you for the full time, we don’t process any refunds for an early return.

Q: How can I cancel my order? Will I get a refund?

A: You may cancel an order up to 5pm three days before the delivery date without charge. (Example: Your delivery date is on a Thursday, you have until 5pm the Monday before to cancel for a full refund). You may cancel an order up to 5pm the day before the delivery date but will pay 50% of the rental kit booked. (Example: Your delivery date is on a Thursday, you have until 5pm on Wednesday, the day before, to cancel for a 50% refund). Cancelling your order on the day of delivery will result in no refund. Cancellations must be submitted in writing.

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